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Best in class FHIR Solutions for the
CMS Interoperability Rule

Firely helps Health Insurance Payers and Plans achieve full compliance with the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule. Find all the FHIR software, training and services you need right here.

until July 2021

Working together to provide patients with better access to health data

The CMS Challenge

The deadlines for the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule are approaching quickly. The rule requires Payers to meet important requirements over the next 2 years. CMS-regulated Payers and Health Plans must:

  • Implement a Patient Access API (HL7 FHIR 4.0.1 R4) by July 1, 2021
  • Create a FHIR API-based Provider Directory by July 1, 2021
  • Implement a process for Payer to Payer Data Exchange by January 1, 2022

Our Solution

Firely offers one of the best FHIR servers in the market, alongside a full suite of FHIR tools and services. Go beyond compliancy and harness the full power of FHIR, both for the CMS Rule and for your own use cases. We provide:

  • A powerful, cross-platform FHIR Server built in .NET Core that provides out-of-the-box FHIR APIs
  • The official HL7 FHIR API for .NET
  • SMART on FHIR support for authentication and authorization
  • Comprehensive training courses on HL7 FHIR
  • Vonk FHIR Server workshop: build your Proof of Concept in 3 online sessions
  • Professional services to help you with data integration

Firely is preferred by healthcare organizations all around the world

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Key Products and Services

Achieve full compliance with products and services by the co-creators FHIR

FHIR Server


Our enterprise-grade FHIR server is easy to use and provides better and faster support for mapping to and from FHIR.

  • Provides out-of-the box FHIR APIs
  • Cross-platform, flexible and integratable
  • Hosted on-premise or in the cloud
  • Use with Data storage or FHIR Facade
  • HIPAA-compliant and easy to deploy



If you’re building a client app that needs to communicate with a FHIR server, we have you covered. Our FHIR API provides support for all things required by a client app.

  • Official implementation in .NET, with over 3 million downloads
  • Serialization and deserialization to XML and JSON
  • Snapshot generation, validation and caching
  • Open-source and trustworthy

FHIR Training

online courses

Empower your team and learn all about FHIR from seasoned experts. Access the HL7 FHIR Overview Course and maximize our Vonk FHIR Server training program.

  • Comprehensive overview
  • 50% hands-on exercises
  • Expert trainers with 20+ yrs. experience
  • Build a proof of concept in 3 sessions

FHIR App Design and Development


Avail of professional services from Vermonster, our partners in the USA. They are experts in developing practitioner workflows and deploying cloud-based infrastructures.

  • Streamlined and efficient product development
  • 10+ years in health IT
  • Based in Boston, USA

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