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ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule

Firely helps Healthcare Providers and their vendors achieve stress-free compliance for the 21st Century Cures Act, Final Rule

until May 2022

Working together to give patients
secure access to health information

The ONC Challenge

The ONC 21st Century Cures Act, Final Rule aims to give patients and their care givers secure access to Electronic Health Information (EHI). To do this, the healthcare industry must: 

  • Adopt standardized APIs
  • Allow patients to easily access EHI at no cost
  • Allow secure and easy access to EHI using apps
  • Adhere to Information Blocking provisions
  • Meet ONC certification criteria before July 2021

Our Solution

Firely provides an enterprise-grade FHIR server that supports all the required ONC features. Go beyond compliancy and harness the full power of FHIR, both for the ONC Rule and for your own use cases: 

  • A powerful, cross-platform FHIR Server built in .NET Core that provides out of the box FHIR APIs
  • The official HL7 FHIR API for .NET  
  • SMART on FHIR support for authentication and authorization  
  • Comprehensive training courses on HL7 FHIR   
  • FHIR server workshop and training (Vonk)
  • Professional services to help you with data integration 

Key Products and Services

Meet ONC certification criteria with products and services built by the co-creators of FHIR

FHIR Server


Vonk is one of the best FHIR Servers in the market. It’s easy to use and provides better, faster support for mapping to and from FHIR.

  • Provides out-of-the box FHIR APIs
  • Cross-platform, flexible and integratable
  • Hosted on-premise or in the cloud
  • Use with Data storage or FHIR Facade
  • HIPAA-compliant and easy to deploy

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If you’re building a client app that needs to communicate with a FHIR server, we have you covered. Our FHIR API provides support for all things required by a client app.

  • Official implementation in .NET
  • Serialization and deserialization to XML and JSON
  • Snapshot generation, validation and caching
  • Open-source and trustworthy

FHIR Training


Empower your team and learn all about FHIR from seasoned experts. Access the HL7 FHIR Overview Course and maximize our Vonk FHIR Server training program.

  • Comprehensive overview
  • 50% hands-on exercises
  • Expert trainers with 20+ yrs. experience
  • Build a proof of concept in 3 sessions

FHIR App Design and Development


Avail of professional services from Vermonster, our partners in the USA. Meet the experts in developing practitioner workflows and deploying cloud-based infrastructures.

  • Streamlined and efficient product development
  • 10+ years in health IT
  • Based in Boston, USA

White label solutions for Health IT Vendors

Our FHIR APIs can be used by vendors as an embedded add-on to an existing system, just like an EMR. Here’s why we should talk:

  • No need to build your own FHIR server
  • Build your own mapping layer or let us help you 
  • Flexible pricing for OEM 
  • Install on-premise at client sites or in your own cloud 
  • FHIR Facade or Server solutions available

Useful Links for Developers

Additional resources and documentation you might find helpful, from one developer to another:

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