FHIR Mapper

FHIR Mapper

The FHIR Mapper is an implementation of the FHIR mapping language, built by Firely and our German partner Healex. The FHIR Mappers is available as a Vonk plugin on the Vonk marketplace. We also plan to launch a stand-alone version of the FHIR Mapper.

The FHIR Mapper allows you to transform data from a variety of formats – HL7v2, CSV and VCF, or your custom format – to other formats, such as FHIR/custom resources. The mapper can also be used to map FHIR resources between different profiles and FHIR versions.

The license fee for the FHIR Mapper is dependent on the number of instances, similar to the Vonk tiers. Contact us for pricing.

Try it out

Download Vonk to take the FHIR Mapper for a spin.