is the leading HL7 FHIR registry and the most obvious place to start your FHIR project. The goal of is to enhance interoperability by providing one entry to all open and available FHIR profiles in the registry. Use the search engine on to find similar work by others.

From the source

Firely has been involved in FHIR since its inception. We use this experience to build and provide FHIR training courses. Our courses offer participants an opportunity to learn FHIR, both theoretically as through exercises.

Contribute and share

Everyone can contribute and share FHIR resources with co-workers and the community at large. Create a free account and upload FHIR resources. renders resources in a human easily readable format, such as a structured tree, a table or a UML diagram. Connect your resources to any online FHIR tool. Forge – the official FHIR profile editor – is tightly integrated with Public FHIR endpoints for resources enable FHIR integration with other systems.

Collaboration platform is much more than “just” a registry. We like to call it a collaboration platform for developers, designers, architects and product managers. Advanced features include:

  • Implementation Guide editing and publication
  • Custom workflows support and issue management
  • User management
  • GitHub integration
  • Private projects
  • Validation
  • Norway uses Simplifier as a tool to collect our FHIR profiling. No other tool can provide the same support for tracking changes, tracking development status and visualization of the profile. Added to that, we are all working on the same tool now – Department of eHealth, HL7 Norway and the Nasjonal IKT HF.

    Business Architect, Nasjonal IKT

    Chair, HL7 Norway