If you want to customize your FHIR API to meet specific requirements of your use case, you can build your own Vonk Plugins. Plugins allow you to implement FHIR functionality that is not available in Vonk or even non-FHIR features. This way you can integrate Vonk into your system architecture. Vonk guarantees FHIR compliance out-of-the box, without limiting you to FHIR or Vonk.

Vonk is not just a FHIR Server, it is a processing pipeline for handling standard and custom FHIR requests. Vonk FHIR Server consists of this pipeline filled with processors to handle the interactions defined in the FHIR RESTful API. With plugins you can add your own processors to the framework to perform custom operations, or fill in cross-cutting concerns for your business.

Marketplace for plugins

Vonk plugins can be private or shared. To enable sharing, we created a marketplace for plugins:

  • Plugins built by Firely, some of which are free, some require an additional fee
  • Third party plugins, either for free, or sold and supported by their creator.

Examples of Vonk Plugins are outlined below.

PluginWhat’s it forAuthorIncluded
SMART on FHIRAuthentication compliant with the SMART on FHIR standard.
FHIR MapperThe FHIR Mapper is a compiler for the FHIR Mapping Language, allowing data to be transformed between different formats, based on your own scripts.
$documentCreate a FHIR document from a Composition.Yes
Audit Event logCapture all RESTful interactions with the FHIR Server in FHIR AuditEvent specification.Yes

Do you want to share your plugin in the marketplace? Please reach out to us.