Accelerate your success with FHIR and rely on our experts to assist you. Our knowledge is first-hand. We get it from the source: the FHIR core team and the HL7 Working Group Meetings.

Our FHIR services include:

  • Product implementation and system integration
  • FHIR profiling and Implementation Guide development
  • Software co-development
  • Strategic and technical consulting
  • FHIR workshops and workshops on our products

Guiding cutting edge use-cases

If your use-case is cutting edge and does not seem to fit the FHIR specification (yet), we either know the work-arounds, or we take your use-case back to the community to see if it makes sense to try to adjust the FHIR standard.

Contact us for Advice

Some assignments we have successfully completed:

  • Mapping proprietary data structures to the FHIR data model and building the mapping engine
  • Designing and writing FHIR profiles and Implementation Guides from scratch
  • Building FHIR profiles from existing non-FHIR Implementation Guides
  • App development
  • Integrating a FHIR server as part of an application suite
  • Conducting workshops for vendors, where we help the interface teams of our customers to FHIR-enable their systems or building a first Proof of Concept
  • Providing technical advice on the application architecture and the place where FHIR fits in