FHIR Clinical Data Repository

No need to build your own CDR. We have one for you.


Isn’t it about time you start making more meaningful use of the data that has been entered by hundreds of doctors, nurses and patients, in dozens of systems, day after day, year after year? FHIR was built to unleash the power of data in healthcare. A Clinical Data Repository based on FHIR is open and standardized, whereas most of your back-end systems and apps are proprietary and closed.


The FHIR CDR can be a key component in your hospital’s information architecture, both for large university medical centers and general hospitals with multiple centers.

Imagine just some of the things that all of a sudden get much easier with a FHIR CDR:

  • Querying for research and clinical trials
  • Connecting third-party apps as well as your homegrown apps 
  • Connecting patient portals and personal health records
  • Reporting, both internally and to external stakeholders and regulators 
  • Handling Quality Measures

AI, BI and Analytics

A FHIR CDR is the ideal basis for analytics. The Vonk CDR can hook up to major analytics platforms like Apache Spark and Google’s Big Query. More traditional approaches like BI data warehouses and cubes can be connected as well.

Cloud or On-Premise

Whether you host your FHIR CDR on-premise or in the cloud is a matter of your security policy. Make sure your CDR is ready to go both ways. The Vonk CDR runs on Docker and is Kubernetes ready. We are ready for on-premise deployment and any cloud provider.

Pre-load your Simplifier.NET projects in the CDR

Of course, the Vonk CDR integrates with Simplifier, meaning that you download a pre-configured and pre-loaded instance of the Vonk CDR from Simplifier.net, based on your specific use-case.


The Vonk CDR supports SQL Server, MongoDB, CosmosDB out of the box. Or you can leave your data in your source data store, using the Vonk FHIR Facade to map between the FHIR server and any proprietary data model.

Get Started

It is easy to build your own FHIR CDR, using the resources below.