Simplicity and pragmatism are key characteristics of the FHIR standard. But where to get started and how to do it right? Our training portfolio will help you get up to speed.

COVID-19 update

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Firely will be providing consultancy and training courses online for your safety.

By Experts, for future Experts

Firely has been involved in FHIR since its inception. We are using our expertise to create and continuously update our FHIR and Vonk training courses. Our courses offer participants an opportunity to learn FHIR and/or Vonk, both theoretically as well as through plenty of hands-on exercises.

Custom HL7 FHIR Training Courses

All training courses can be either provided online or on-site. Are you looking for coverage of a specific theme or topic? Training courses can be combined and tailored to suit your specific requirements.

We specialize in the provision of FHIR workshops for medium sized groups, to help you gain the expert knowledge needed for your FHIR based project.

Contact René Spronk for more information.

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When it comes to the provision of training courses we at Firely consider the following to be the optimal learning format:

  • pre-course e-learning videos/modules, to ensure familiarity with the prerequisite knowledge and to cover some new material, followed by
  • a face to face training course, with plenty of hands-on and group based exercises, followed by
  • post-course e-learning videos/modules, focused both on refreshing the material covered during the training course, as well as on advanced topics not covered during the training course itself.

We do aim to be flexible: we recognize constraints that circumstances (e.g. the ongoing Corona pandemic,  travel/budget constraints, or geographic distribution of learners) may require a different delivery method. In such cases the amount of  on-line material/presentations will be increased, up to 100%. However, not all things that are possible in a face to face classroom can be replicated on-line, just as not all things that are possible on-line can be replicated in a face to face setting.

Open training courses in the US and Europe

Register for one of our open training courses in Europe or in the US.

Current Open Training available for registration

Implementing IDMP and SPOR using FHIR

Developers & non-developers – 2 days

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FHIR Implementation Guide Workshop

Authors of FHIR implementation guides – 1 day

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HL7 FHIR Overview course

Developers & non-developers – 2 days

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Vonk Workshop

Developers – 1 or 2 days

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The open training courses in the Netherlands are provided through HL7 Netherlands.


Our courses

Custom training courses and workshops

We also offer tailor-made FHIR training courses, fitting your organization’s specific needs.

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