HL7 FHIR Profiling Academy

The Profiling Academy

The Profiling Academy is a free online training dedicated to FHIR profiling. The training consists of instructions, real world examples and exercises. The Profiling Academy is laid out into modules that cover all ins and outs of Profiling. The content of these modules range from basic introductions to more in-depth modules such as advanced slicing. The authors of the Profiling Academy share advice, guidelines and best-practices that ensure flawless implementations. Learn more and create your first profiles today!

Why profiling?

FHIR offers a set of standardized international base resources. You can customize these FHIR resources to the specific needs of a use case. For example, national profiles can be created to enable standardized communication between national healthcare facilities. Profiles can be used for standardization at (inter)national, regional and local levels. The Profiling Academy teaches you how to customize FHIR to your needs.

Who is it for?

The Profiling Academy is public for anyone interested to learn more about profiling. Either beginner or expert, the Profiling Academy has a lot to offer! Both for those just starting out as well as those who want to fine tune their profiling knowledge.

About the authors

The Profiling Academy is created by a team of profiling experts. Our profiling team has experience working with companies and FHIR use cases all over the world. The authors love to share their experiences and knowledge on profiling. They are happy to discuss their thoughts with you. Please feel free to contact one of the authors on the profiling team page.